Jesus Was a Jiu Jitsu Fighter

I’ve been practicing Jiu Jitsu for several years now and I identify a lot with this martial art. I’ve always enjoyed playing various sports, but Jiu Jitsu has been the sport that has taken the place of others for me. The sense of power to subdue a bigger opponent than myself without hurting him awakens something within me.

But did Jesus really do Jiu Jitsu?

As I said, Jiu Jitsu can present you with the ability to defeat your opponent without hurting them. Jesus Christ often used this benefit in his ministry journey! He did not need to use an Arm Lock, Triangle or some sweep to subdue His opponents. But He was the best ruler of emotions that this world has ever had. He immobilized the Pharisees when they tried desperately to knock Him out with blows of the law, finished off the pride that was planted in the minds of many of his followers, subdued the hypocrisy of the masters “wise,” shoved prejudice to the floor with the “least” of those in society, and best of all, He was the best coach of “Jiu Jitsu” that existed! Jesus passed on to His disciples the best training one can have, and they trained daily. Constantly the disciples disappointed Jesus, but showing a sublime patience, Jesus corrected them without punishing them.

Jesus did not physically use sharp blows to subdue His pursuers but struck them in place with an everlasting impact to the soul. Jesus’ intelligence to resolve situations where He was endangered would upset His opponents. His meekness would submit of any emotional challenge or existential crises that tormented His listeners. Jesus’ tolerance for the least of those around Him would choke out with only one submission any kind of prejudice expressed by His followers, who then learned by His example.

Thus, Jesus won (without even “touching” them) the enemies who chased Him; the enemies who have become the biggest problem to exist in human life: envy, pride, sadness, slander, hypocrisy.

With this I conclude that Jesus Christ was an accomplished Jiu Jitsu fighter, who bravely fought against the enemies of our soul and came out unscathed. He was the best and only soul Jiu Jitsu fighter to ever set foot in this world.

How many soul fighters will rise up? I would like to see.

Thank you Jesus for being an example to be followed in the “Gentle Art.”

  • Written by Eliab Alves Pereira

About Eliab Alves Pereira

Eliab has been training Jiu Jitsu since 2010 in Goianinha, Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. He trains at Nova União under Professor Fernando Braga. Eliab is also a blogger for JovenSapiens.

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